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So who am I?

Just a regular guy, who a few years ago (at the ripe old age of 34, was still hoping to look like an 18 year old fitness model/GI Joe doll by doing hours of numbing cardio, tons of high reps with a moderate weight on nautilus machines and an occasional dumbbell.         womens hidden heel shoes

The result? A fat 34 year old. Shocking I know...

Then, by chance, I picked up a copy of Pavel's Naked Warrior in a local bookstore. I flipped through it and thought, a whole book devoted to two moves? Madness I say! But, being a bibliophile who has a hard time not buying books, I figured what the heck and bought it.

That night while digging into this tome, I was freakin' blown away. Concepts that went counter to all that Conventional Wisdom I had accrued over the years. (The same wisdom that assured I maintained that nice soft round body.)

Joint locking? Compressing your breath? Functional Strength?

Seriously, how often do you find the need to press a heavy weight off of your chest while laying down on a padded bench with an ergonomic balanced weight with a spotter? Uh, never!

Now, how about this, lifting a heavy box off of a top shelf while standing on one foot? Yea, way more likely. Functional movements, functional strength.

Overnight I went from wanting to look like a bodybuilding freak to wanting to be functionally strong!

So I bought a kettlebell and started swinging. Was I doing a "kettlebell swing"? No, I was "swinging" a kettlebell. It sucked, it looked like crap and I knew it. So plunked down the $60 bucks and went to see an instructor.

Now armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous I went off swinging.

Shortly there after I had to move for my job. Bye bye access to an instructor. And here's where I made a huge mistake. My instructor was 'only' 100 miles from me, but I never went to see him after that first session.

In the kettlebell community we like to say it takes 10 good reps to unlearn 1 bad rep. Imagine spending 2 years of kettlebell work with no supervision. Lets just say that my form had degraded. But with a 16kilo, you can get away with a lot of sloppy techniques and not injure yourself.

Well, being the typical male that I am, the next new shiny program hit the market. Viking Warrior Conditioning. The gist: Snatch a bell, really fast, for 40 minutes. Oh yea, there's more to it than that, but the point of the story was that suddenly that 16kilo wasn't a light weight. It was a wrecking ball that was trying to kill me.

Well, I knew I was doing something wrong.

I needed a tune up. Lookin' around I saw that a new instructor had popped up in the next town over (45miles). I walked in told the instructor what was going on. She was like, ok, show me your snatch.

She literally cringed.

I'm not kidding, she literally cringed!

Mmmm, warm fuzzies all around...Apparently in the 2 years since my first and only session, I had mastered the soft-style-unlock...

At that point she said we had to go back to basics. She tore me down and built me back up, making sure I did things correctly! Talk about a workout, suddenly a 16kilo swing session with fulll and complete body tension was a ball bustin' workout!

Fast forward another year and under her encouragement I picked up my HKC certification.

Lets face it, kettlebells have gotten into my blood.

A year after my HKC, I EARNED my RKC certification.

Whats next?

I dunno, but that beast tamer challenge looks mighty cool...

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