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Semi-Private Fitness Classes



We meet for an hour long class where you will experience a mixture of joint mobility, kettlebell conditioning, and bodyweight exercises. Prerequisite: Level 1 - Intro to Kettlebell Training.       elevator casual shoes

Monday and Wednesdays Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning 6pm-7pm

Cost: $80/Month for 8 sessions.

BioConsortium Lab (next to the Co-op)

100 Entrada Drive



Increased Sports Performance

Injury Prevention

Eliminate Chronic Pain

Personalized training and Z-Health Movement programs.

Initial 2-hour Session: $80

Regular session: $80/hour

1 Session/week per month: $240


Level 1 - Introduction to Kettlebells (2 hours)

This is where the fun begins. Learn the essential techniques for training with kettlebells safely and effectively.

This course is designed to teach you cornerstone kettlebell movements, this course is a prerequisite for kettlebell classes.

Topics include joint mobility, basic techniques, and core kettlebell movements. This class is offered once a month and is approximately 2+ hours of instruction.

Bring: Flat-soled shoes (contact me if you are unsure).

Cost: $50

Receive a $25 discount for the following month when you signup for Group classes at Biolab Consortium Site.

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